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Since SHOOK created the world’s first Advisor ranking in 2001, it has become synonymous with integrity and best-in-class. SHOOK is also proud to be the only ranking in the organization in the world with a major focus in the quality of the advisor, deep due diligence, and personal interview—by telephone, in-person and virtual.

Due to high demand for its evaluations, SHOOK now offers research reports for individual Advisors, practices and firms. At no charge, SHOOK will evaluate whether the subject meets certain qualitative assessments and a SHOOK “recommendation” rating.

SHOOK ranked advisors may request a report for free, but use of the completed report's findings requires the advisor or firm pay a licensing fee.

Research Report
Research report
Licensing fee - First year $5,500
Licensing fee and updates - each additional year $1,700

**These fees include unlimited, unrestricted licensing use of research report, including digital and physical copies, which will be provided by SHOOK in PDF form. Research reports cannot be altered in any way. All disclosures must be included.


Since it completed the world’s first advisor ranking in 2001, SHOOK® Research is well known for its multi-national advisor research and rankings, and in doing so has established global standards for the industry.

SHOOK has received requests/nominations from over 45,000 Advisors, and SHOOK has chosen to evaluate over 20,000 Advisors via surveys, and interviews—telephone, in-person and virtual. SHOOK will only consider writing a research report if an advisor meets high-quality benchmarks relating to client-related best Practices.

SHOOK shares aggregated data but maintains confidentiality for identifying data. If an Advisor, team or firm earns a spot on a ranking, basic data is published such as name, firm and location.

Factual mistakes will be rectified and compliance changes will be incorporated.

SHOOK will decline to write a research report if the subject doesn’t meet its minimum qualitative requirements. SHOOK is recognized as the leader in global advisor standards and chooses to only focus on the higher-end Advisors, regardless of any compensation SHOOK may receive.

SHOOK is privately owned by its founders, R.J. Shook (President) and Elisabeth Shook (COO) with no undue, outside influences. This ownership structure assures that the highest levels of integrity are maintained. While there are many "pay-for-play" models that exist, SHOOK is proud to offer unbiased and independent research that can be of value to the investing public.

SHOOK® Research is a multi-national wealth advisor research organization whose independent and unbiased research, rankings and data are recognized as global standards. SHOOK has received 34,000 evaluation requests by Advisors and has analyzed over 20,000. There is no fee or compensation associated with evaluations or rankings; Advisors can pay licensing fees for items such as directories, logos and research reports. SHOOK’s team of experts evaluate Advisors at no cost, and only offers research report products if SHOOK deems the Advisor to be of high quality and in good standing according to its qualitative and quantitative benchmarks. Every Advisor is interviewed by the SHOOK® Research team of experts, and research reports are based on an evaluation of best Practices in the areas of client service models, investing process, team structure and dynamics, culture, and regulatory and compliance records.

SHOOK’s research and rankings provide opinions for how to choose the right advisor and not indicative of future performance or representative of any one client’s experience. Since every investor has unique needs, investors must carefully choose the right advisor for their own situation and perform their own due diligence. Portfolio performance is not a criterion due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Remember, past performance is not an indication of future results. For more information, please see

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