2021 Forbes/SHOOK Top Advisor Summit Agenda

CE Credits will be available

*This is a very fast-paced event; all times are indicative.

October 3, 2021





Pre-Party hosted by First Trust at Jardin
*Exclusively for advisors and their better-half*

October 4, 2021





2:00-2:30 pm

Pre-Con 1: The Golden Hour – “It’s not the client’s you win, it’s the client’s you keep”

  • Lisa Kueng, Managing Director of Business Development, Invesco Global Consulting

2:30-2:50 pm

Pre-Con 2: Unlocking Unrealized Gains: Building a Framework for Managing Taxes and Risk

  • Top FA
  • Top FA
  • Moderator: John Moninger, Managing Director Retail Sales, Eaton Vance Advisor Institute

2:50-3:10 pm

Pre-Con 3: Asymmetric Risk: A deep dive on risk for the active equity managers to enhance outcomes

  • Steven Deschenes, Director of Client Research, Capital Group | American Funds
  • Michael Schweitzer, Senior VP & Head of HNW Strategy & Dist., Capital Group | American Funds

3:10-3:20 pm


3:20-3:35 pm

Pre-Con 4: FA Panel

3:35-3:55 pm

Pre-Con 5: VIRTUAL LIVE STREAM - Exploring the insights of legendary investor Bill Miller

  • Bill Miller, Chairman, CIO & Founder, Miller Value Partners
  • Moderator: Marvin McIntyre, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

3:55-4:10 pm

Pre-Con 6: Building the Team of the Future

  • Craig Findley, Venture Visionary Partners
  • Steve Hefter, HLM Capital Wealth Management
  • Moderator: Shirl Penney, President & CEO, Dynasty Financial Partners

4:10-4:45 pm

Pre-Con 7: SHOOK Best Idea Competition

  • Judge: Heather Crist, Head of Field Management, WM USA, UBS Group AG
  • Judge: Heather Hunt-Ruddy, Head of Client Experiences & Growth, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Judge: Eric Schimpf, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
  • Moderator: Frank Berland, Managing Partner, SHOOK Research
  • Moderator: Liz Shook, COO & CO-Founder, SHOOK Research

5:30-6:30 pm


6:30 pm


  • Liz Shook, COO & Co-Founder, SHOOK Research


20 Years in Rankings: Here's What We've Learned

  • RJ Shook, Founder, SHOOK Research, Senior Forbes Contributor
  • Introduction: John Moninger, Managing Director Retail Sales, Eaton Vance Advisor Institute

7:40-8:00 pm

Fireside with Steve Schwarzman and Andy Sieg

  • Steve Schwarzman, CEO, Blackstone
  • Andy Sieg, President, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

8:00-9:00 pm


October 5, 2021



7:00-8:00 am


8:00-8:10 am

Opening Remarks

  • RJ Shook, Founder, SHOOK Research, Senior Forbes Contributor

8:10-8:15 am

SHOOK Ones: Best Idea

  • Mark Binder, UBS Private Wealth Management

8:15-8:35 am

Building an Experiential Practice

  • Anna Winderbaum, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
  • Amir Mossanen, Truist
  • Moderator: Steve Samuels, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

8:35-8:55 am

Normal or New Normal; That is the Question

  • Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist, First Trust Portfolios L.P.
  • Dan Affetto, Managing Director, National Sales, First Trust Portfolios

8:55-9:15 am

The SHOOK Community Gives Back: Make a difference… for children

9:15-9:30 am


9:30-9:50 am

What’s ahead: The Markets and Economy in the COVID-19 Recovery

  • Jeremy Siegel, Professor, The Wharton School of Finance
  • Andrew Tsiropinas, Head of Wirehouse & IBD Dist., WisdomTree Asset Mgmt

9:50-9:55 am

SHOOK Ones: My Best Idea

  • Andrew Schultz, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

9:55-10:15 am

Investing Panel

  • Hans Vander Plaats, Managing Director, Client Portfolio Manager, Principal
  • Eric Hundahl, Head of Portfolio Strategy, BNY Mellon
  • Moderator: Ron Insana, Senior Advisor, Schroders

10:15-10:30 am

Innovation and Growth

  • Jonathan Hodge, UBS Wealth Management
  • Jordan Waxman, Nucleus Advisors
  • Moderator: Eric Schimpf, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

10:30-10:45 am

FA Panel

10:45-10:50 am

SHOOK Ones: My Best Idea

  • Alli McCartney, UBS Private Wealth Management

10:50-11:05 am

Are Bonds ironically the true alternative to equities and alts?

  • Gibson Smith, Founder, Smith Capital Investors
  • Moderator: Richard Jones, Merrill Private Wealth Management
  • Nick Roberts, Business Development, Smith Capital Investors

11:05-11:20 am


11:20-11:55 am


Breakout #1: From A to BBB: Is it time to kick away the traditional muni ladder and “rev” up your allocations?

  • James Welch, Portfolio Manager, Principal

Breakout #2: Private Placement Life Insurance

  • Claudio Macchetto, Managing Director, Golden Tree Asset Management
  • Robert Beauchamp, Head of Private Wealth, Zurich
  • Peter DiDominicis, Director, Alkeon Capital Management
  • Moderator: Top FA

Breakout #3: A Value Manager’s Perspective on Technology

  • Manish Gupta, Portfolio Manager, First Eagle
  • Moderator: Top FA

Breakout #4: Explosive Organic Growth - Reaching Beyond Referral

  • Scott Caston, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Rachel Gottlieb, UBS Wealth Management
  • Moderator: Bill McManus, Director, Hartford Funds

11:55-12:55 pm


  • Mike Federle, CEO, Forbes
  • Tom Lee, Managing Partner & Head of Research, Fundstrat Global Advisors
  • Rob Sechan, New Edge Wealth

12:55-1:10 pm

Bubbles Present Massive Opportunities

  • Richard Bernstein, CIO & CEO, Richard Bernstein Advisors
  • Terry Ober, National Director, Richard Bernstein Advisors

1:10-1:25 pm


1:25-2:00 pm


Breakout #1: Driving Digital Empowerment

  • Trisha Haskins, Technology & Platform Consulting, Fidelity Investments

Breakout #2: From Ports to Portfolios: Dig Deep on Infrastructure Opportunities

  • Jeremy Anagnos, CIO, Infrastructure, CBRE Clarion Securities
  • Christopher Roberti, Managing Director, McKay Municipal Managers
  • Moderator: Kathleen Entwistle, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Breakout #3: Transformational Conversations: Blueprints from America’s Top Advisor Teams

  • Chris Brady, Divisional VP, AIG Financial Distributors
  • John Byrne, SVP, National Sales Manager, AIG Financial Distributors

Breakout #4: Changing the Guard

  • Paul Brunswick, Head of Invesco Global Consulting, Invesco
  • Moderator: Top FA

2:00-2:10 pm


2:10-2:15 pm

SHOOK Ones: My Best Idea

2:15-2:30 pm

Forbes/SHOOK Marketing

  • Andy Burish, UBS Wealth Management
  • Raj Sharma, Merrill Private Wealth Management
  • Moderator: Jessica Sibley, Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes
  • Juan Calderon, VP & Sr. Regional Consultant, SSGA

2:30-2:45 pm

Manias, Memes & Media Distractions: Avoiding the Landmines that Sabotage Generations Wealth Building

  • Chris Davis, Chairman & Portfolio Manager, Davis Advisors
  • Dodd Kittsley, National Director, Davis Advisors

2:45-3:10 pm

The Economic Outlook

  • Steve Forbes, Chief Executive & Chairman, Forbes Media

3:10-3:25 pm

The Psychology of Successful Advisors

  • Dr. Kevin Elko, Advisor Advancement Institute, New York Life Investments
  • Michael Warr, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Jen Tarsney, Director, Practice Management, NY Life Investments

3:25-3:30 pm

SHOOK Ones: My Best Idea

  • Top FA

3:30-3:45 pm

Q4 Economic & Market Update

  • Dr. David Kelly, Managing Director & Chief Global Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

3:45-4:00 pm


4:00-4:20 pm

Preventing Burnout in the New Future of Work

  • Jennifer Moss, Award-Winning Journalist, Author, and Int’l Public Speaker
  • Carter Sims, Head of Global Distribution & Managing Director, Thornburg

4:20-4:35 pm

Building a Purposeful Culture

  • Liz Weikes, J.P. Morgan Wealth Management
  • Ron Hughes, Merrill Private Wealth Management
  • Moderator: John Mathews, Group MD, Head of PWM & UHNW, UBS Wealth Management

4:35-4:40 pm

SHOOK One: My Best Idea

  • Erin Scannell, Ameriprise Financial Services

4:40-4:55 pm

Institutionalization of financial services industry

  • Raj Dhanda, Partner & COO, Global Real Estate

4:55-5:10 pm

What Will New Technology Be

  • Abhi Arun, General Partner, Alkeon Capital
  • John Blau, Managing Director, Alkeon Capital

5:10-5:25pm pm

Why Real Estate. Why Now.

  • Jeff Erdmann, Merrill Private Wealth Management
  • John McCarthy, CEO, Starwood Real Estate Income Trust
  • Chip Saltz, National Sales Manager, Starwood Real Estate Income Trust

5:25-6:25 pm


October 6, 2021



7:00-8:30 am


8:30-8:40 am

Welcome remarks

  • RJ Shook, Founder, SHOOK Research, Senior Forbes Contributor

8:40-9:00 am

3 Habits of Highly Effective Asset Gathers

  • Tim Seifert, Sr. VP & Head of Retirement Solutions Dist., Lincoln Financial Group

9:00-9:15 am

The Not So Hidden Risk in Equity Portfolios

  • Ryan Caldwell, Managing Director, FS Investments
  • Moderator: Peter Rukeyser, UBS Private Wealth Management

9:15-9:35 am

A Simple Strategy for Maximizing Your Business

  • Brian Gallary, Head of Strategy & Consulting, First Trust Portfolios L.P.

9:35-9:55 am

The Fragile Decade Turning Apprehension into Anticipation

  • Jeannie Underwood, VP & Advisor Practice Consultant, Global Atlantic Financial Group
  • Top FA

9:55-10:10 am


10:10-10:30 am

Team Leadership and Structures

10:30-10:50 am

FA Panel

10:50-11:05 am

Fastest Growing Teams

  • Randy Connor, Churchill Management Group
  • Michael Schweitzer, Sr. VP & Head of HNW Strategy & Dist., Capital Group | American Funds

11:05-11:15 am

The Last Word

  • RJ Shook, Founder, SHOOK Research, Senior Forbes Contributor