Shook Philanthropy

SHOOK is proud to contribute its world-class research capabilities to the world of philanthropy.

We are passionate about the social good created through our Wealth Advisor rankings... and thrilled to see the difference we can make in our world with our philanthropic research.

In 2012 SHOOK Research pursued an unprecedented project: identifying, researching and ranking the world's biggest individual philanthropic givers based on how much they have actually given—not to their foundations, but what came out; not how much they pledged, but how much they have actually paid out. To this day, only SHOOK provides this research.

These individuals are committed to saving lives and making the world a better place. Selected givers are ranked and published in an annual feature story in Forbes magazine.

How We are Funded

It is clear that philanthropic giving is heavily influenced by individuals' peers. Research shows that many wealthy individuals simply haven't found their charitable passion; moreover, they are simply unaware of the most effective vehicles and efficient ways in which to give.

SHOOK is the foremost source of awareness and media attention for leading philanthropic individual givers. It is SHOOK's vision to see marked—and sustained—growth in the levels of giving and involvement among the world's private sector and wealthiest families through increased awareness.

SHOOK's rankings in Forbes' annual billionaires issue is the ideal catalyst for its missions.