Shook Philanthropy

SHOOK is extraordinarily proud to contribute its world-class research capabilities and leadership in wealth management to making a difference in our world.


In 2012 SHOOK Research began an unprecedented project: identifying, researching and ranking the world's biggest individual philanthropic givers based on how much they have actually given—not to their foundations, but what came out; not how much they pledged, but how much they have actually paid out. To this day, only SHOOK provides this research.

These individuals are committed to saving lives and making the world a better place. Selected givers are ranked and published in an annual feature story in Forbes magazine.

Most significant contributions:

Raised $550,000 for Susan G. Komen at 2018 Forbes/SHOOK Top Advisor Summit

  • Broke Komen record for "flash" raise
  • Named fund raiser of the year

Board member American Cancer Society

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Battling Breast Cancer

Kids with Cancer

2019 Forbes/SHOOK Top Advisor Summit: Funding a potential life-saving treatment for brain tumors, in which tens of thousands of children could benefit. This breakthrough will also enhance the effectiveness of current therapies for many other cancers, including breast ovarian and prostate cancers as well as melanoma.

Member, National Advisory Board, Childrens Cancer Research Fund

2018 Forbes/SHOOK Next Gen event: Granted a wish for a child battling leukemia

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