Our Team

Our board includes industry leaders that drive the direction of the SHOOK program, and help to establish selection criteria and promote SHOOK's philosophies.

SHOOK Mission Statement

For the Public: We help families better reach their life’s goals with more meaning by helping them find high-quality, trusted advisors.

For the Industry: We help advisors make a difference in the lives of millions of families.

For the World: We save children’s lives by seeking and funding life-saving pediatric cancer treatments.

R.J. Shook

Co-Founder, President, SHOOK Research, Senior Forbes Contributor

Liz Shook

Chief Operating Officer

Frank Berland

Managing Partner

LoriAnn LaSalle

Senior Associate VP, Business Manager

Lindsey Nacht

Vice President, Director of Operations

Brooke DeGirolmo

Senior Associate VP, Director of Events

Travis Childrey

Senior Associate VP, Events

Kristina Hunt

Senior Associate VP, Events and Marketing

Callie Askins

Callie Askins

Senior Associate VP, Project Leader

Blake Pastore

Senior Associate VP, Advisor Services

Jenny DeSeno

Associate VP, Project Leader

Keeyana St. Aubin

Senior Analyst

Luke Bartow

Senior Analyst

Erick Lopez

Senior Analyst

Jordan Merrill

Senior Analyst

Erica Horak

Senior Analyst

Dylan Ferrante


Madison Rizzo

Senior Analyst

Ann Hall


Kaili Moran

Office Coordinator

Fabiana Ingolotti

Senior Accounting Manager

Erika Kordas

IT Specialist

Mark Tatge

Chief Content Consultant