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The Winner’s Circle® Series

The Science Behind Success: How every advisor should plan for the future.


R.J. Shook
President & Co-Founder, SHOOK Research
Senior Contributor to Forbes

Liz Shook
COO & Co-Founder, SHOOK Research
Senior Contributor to Forbes

Frank Berland
Managing Partner, SHOOK Research

1. Keynote

Best for: Large Advisor Events

An inspirational and impassioned directive that will leave attendees finding more meaning and purpose in their career and lives. Filled with emotionally charged anecdotes, the underlining messages are the basis of SHOOK’s scientific and axiomatic research which decodes the secret to success in business… and in life.

2. Experiences

Best for: Group Meetings (Including Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Team Meetings, Branch Meetings, and/or breakout sessions)

A provocative narrative and directive filled with epiphanies on how to be the best in this industry, with immediate and actionable ideas required for every advisor to achieve their highest levels of success. Told with anecdotes and peppered with the axiomatic and surprising science behind the secrets to success as a top-ranked advisor and the future of the business, attendees are treated to groundbreaking discoveries on how to achieve success while preparing for the future.

The basis of SHOOK's research underpinning SHOOK's keynotes and training classes:

Additional Topics—This research project provides groundbreaking discoveries in various categories:


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